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dinner with an interesting French family

Personal lessons with Chantal are a genuine pleasure. Interesting and engaging lessons that are prepared with care and rigour. Lots of thoughts goes into making her courses so tailored and relevant, but also very enjoyable. An excellent teacher with great experience.

Naomi. Art-therapist
(February 2019)

I have tried learning French via private hourly lessons and online with group classes and just couldn’t get the hang of it.  I was terrified of such an intensive program with Chantal but it has been the best thing I have done for my language development.  Day 1 and 2 were hard, but as the time progressed I found myself understanding more and more of the lessons and feeling more relaxed.  

I can only recommend Chantal’s classes with the highest commendation.

Renae. Australia. Founder and director of PR Agency.
(February 2018)

I would recommend Au Fil des Mots to anyone who is looking to improve their french skills quickly, whether for business or personal use. Chantal is a patient and enthusiastic teacher, and she can introduce you to specialists in your field. The accommodations and food were excellent, and the Cluny area is full of interesting history.

Peter. Journalist. New York Times.
(October 2017)

Chantal is the best language teacher that I have ever had.

The course was designed for my learning needs, and Chantal was able to adapt as we went through the course to maximise the learning benefits.

We had focus on both written and spoken French and Chantal also made great care to plan activities that would require me to use French in cultural and personal situations. There was no safety blanket, which meant that I was forced to use what we had learned - and it worked really well.

I really enjoyed the course and came away with much improved understanding of French and much improved ability to communicate.

I would recommend Chantal to everyone!


Michael. Health Economist. Bristol Myers Squibb
(August 2017)

The organization of the course is excellent. Chantal has developed a varied program, customized according to my needs in order to allow a deeper insight into the French culture and language. The individual language classes in the morning, the many meetings with French professional people and the many trips have allowed me to improve my knowledge of French significantly within one week. A big compliment is also due to the "La Pierre Folle". The hosts Véronique and Luigi are very welcoming. In short, highly recommended!

Vera, documentalist, Zürich
(January 2016)

After three years of living in France, I understood French well, but I was never comfortable expressing myself. After spending two weeks with Chantal, I went from communicating basic needs and expressions to discussing the history of America and the various differences between French and American culture. I don't recognize myself. I am so grateful for the experience. It was a comfortable, efficient and productive experience in a beautiful, relaxing setting that I really enjoyed.

Dana W. White, Director of Policy & Strategic Communications, Renault-Nissan Alliance
(August 2015)

Chantal, with the support of Cyriaque, provided me with a highly personalised and very enjoyable four days of immersion French. I am very much a beginner, and was impressed with Chantal’s skill in engaging with me at a level that I could manage while still providing, interesting, stimulating and personally relevant content. The evenings dining with Chantal’s local colleagues and friends were very special. They were challenging, but they increased my confidence in actually being able, somehow, to begin to communicate with people in French in social situations. I left feeling inspired and will be back for more

Alan. Head of the School of Medicine at the University of Auckland.
(May 2015)

Thank you for the time I spent with you. The varied program, including dialogue with many different people, the combination of theory and practice, the environment and last but not least your professionalism and competence have made these five days an experience that I would like to repeat.

Oliver. Direktor Service & Support, ARaymond Information Technology
(April 2015)

Chantal and Au Fil des Mots have designed the course very well to accommodate our needs and have delivered us an exceptional course. I can recommend Au Fil des mots for anyone looking to learn French quickly.

Oscar. Architect
(March 2015)

Chantal provides an interesting and engaging class, the exercises are varied and challenging. I have found learning with her specialised technique very helpful and I highly recommend it for anyone keen to grasp French vocabulary in an efficient, rapid manner.

Samantha. Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer.
(January 2015)

I would like to say thank you for your great commitment. Two weeks you have been a great experience for me.

Marcel. Marketing and Sales Director. Müllex.
(October 2014)

I would like to thank you once again for the interesting and informative stay. I learned a lot and got new ideas to dominate the language better. I enjoy very much the meetings with various people.

Karin. Retired.
(September 2014)

Thank you so much for a delightful week in Cluny on your excellent intensive French course which has helped me enormously. It was such a pleasure even when it was very tiring.

Christian. Team leader CSP IT Application Operation . SRG SSR.
(October 2012)

Au Fil des Mots provides a high quality educational experience, geared towards each student.
I appreciated the time Chantal took to arrange visits with librarians, as well as a visit to a bookstore and meals with various people so I could practice French in my professional field.
I was amazed at how much progress I was able to make in one week. Besides overcoming the fear factor which kept me from speaking before, I gained a solid grounding in both grammar and vocabulary.
I highly recommend Au Fil des Mots to anyone seeking to jumpstart their study of French.

Libby. Librarian at the American school in Casablanca. Georges Washington Academy.
(April 2012)

The program is very different from the language program which follows a specific methodology or uses progressive modules. This immersion is an individualised program, suited to my objectives, level and needs.
It was a good combination of structured tutorial classes and an immersion of the French way of life. We would spend the morning focused on grammar and vocabulary, have lunch in the village, practicing what I learned in the morning. In the afternoon, we would review professional documents which I would encounter in my daily job as a lawyer, discuss pertinent articles or journals, improving my understanding and pronunciation. We even visited a tribunal. Thereafter, we would have dinner with an interesting French family, chatting keenly about social or business issues and at the same time, stretching my comprehension and speaking skills!
Although we spent more than 10 hours a day in this immersion program, time passed so quickly as I learned and enjoyed the experience to wit. It was heartfelt and fulfilling to see the surprise of my colleagues on my return when I conversed with them in French with confidence!
Thank you, Chantal for your patience, for being structured and yet flexible and Luigi and Veronique of La Pierre Folle, for making me feel as if I have never left home.

Bi Yong. - Deputy Group General Counsel LAFARGE.
(March 2012)

Au Fil des Mots connects language and culture in such a wonderful way that you enjoy learning. Merci!

Marcus. Sales manager. Yves Rocher Stuttgart. Central Europe.
(December 2011)

Cluny provides the optimal environment to focus on French language. Far from the hectic rush of a big city, you can fully concentrate on the language and simultaneously learn about the cultural treasures of France. Chantal fulfils your needs and characteristics of learners very professionally. With an individual learning program and her educational experience in dealing with people of different types and origins, she lays the foundations for a successful training.
By immersion in real-life situations (for example dinner in a French family, a visit to a cultural or business event) learning the French Language is more than a dry exercise. You can immediately put what you have learned into practice and expand your vocabulary.
The language training at Au Fil des Mots is an excellent alternative to the traditional language training great institutes.

Zeno. Head of customer service team. AVADIS Suisse.
(November 2011)

In Cluny I spent one very productive week during which I not only substantially improved my French but also learned a lot about the French culture. The course was a well balanced mix of exercises on grammar, vocabulary, and speech as well as visiting historical places of the city and having dinners with friendly local families. Chantal is a very caring and dedicated French teacher who is very open to suggestions on the content of the program. In fact, we developed the course program jointly, based on my needs. I also found the chambres d'hôtes "La Pierre Folle", where I stayed during the course a very cozy place with charming owners - Veronique and Luigi.
In a nutshell, I recommend this course with Chantal to anyone who wants to learn French in one of the most beautiful regions of France - Bourgogne. I am sure that, like me, you will fall in love with Cluny and its surroundings.

Sherzod. Vice President Business Development CE and CIS at LAFARGE.
(October 2011)

My training course with Chantal was very successful, very well done. Chantal has organized a very involved and interesting week for me with several specific activities according to my needs.

Andrea. U.S Embassy.
(August 2011)